Was CM Punk & Seth Rollins’ heat post-Survivor Series: WarGames real or planned?

Was CM Punk & Seth Rollins’ heat post-Survivor Series: WarGames real or planned?

CM Punk made a surprise return to WWE at the final moments of Survivor Series: WarGames, garnering a massive response from the WWE Universe at Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, and wrestling fans worldwide. However, his comeback has stirred up discontent among several WWE Superstars in the locker room.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was particularly incensed by Punk’s return, leading to a heated exchange that could have escalated into a physical altercation. However, WWE talents, officials, commentators, and referees intervened to prevent any further conflict.

The incident, which occurred off-camera after the Survivor Series, was captured on video by a fan and quickly went viral, drawing the attention of WWE fans worldwide.

Is the Seth Rollins & CM Punk Incident Scripted?

In the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer addressed the fiery encounter between CM Punk and Seth Rollins post-Survivor Series: WarGames. According to Meltzer, the confrontation was indeed scripted, marking the beginning of a new storyline involving the two wrestlers.

Rollins had previously expressed his disdain for Punk’s potential return, referring to him as a “cancer” that WWE didn’t need. However, with the company’s decision to bring Punk back, they decided to leverage Rollins’ earlier comments to create a compelling narrative.

Dave Meltzer commented, “As far as the Seth thing goes, that was all an angle. That was 100% an angle. Playing off the fact that months ago, when somebody asked Seth Rollins, it’s like ‘He’s a cancer, we don’t want him’, which later by the way, he said if the company wants him and it’s the right thing, he doesn’t have a problem with it. But because he made that statement, they figured they could do a ‘shoot angle’ with it and it makes sense.”

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