Warlock TetroPuzzle Is A Blend Of Candy Crush, Tetris And Dungeons Filled With Magic

Warlock TetroPuzzle Is A Blend Of Candy Crush, Tetris And Dungeons Filled With Magic

Maksym Matiushenko has whipped up a game that will remind you equally of Tetris and Candy Crush. It’s called Warlock TetroPuzzle. This new game has you mixing and matching tiles and blocks to gather mana and move through levels.

What Do You Actually Do In Warlock TetroPuzzle?

In the game, you drop blocks to match resources, aiming to collect as much mana as you can. You only get nine moves per puzzle. You can choose a 10×10 or 11×11 grid filled with magic artefacts, runes and traps.

There are a couple of arcane tetrominoes on your right to shape your destiny. Different artefacts yield different mana points. And you can even use time elixirs to extend your moves and score higher. Complete a row or column, and you’ll score wall bonuses, while trapped dungeon tiles add a tricky twist to the game.

Warlock TetroPuzzle is perfect for you if you love puzzles, strategy and a touch of magic. Each level challenges your logical thinking and strategic planning. You can compete against yourself, track your progress and see your ranking on the global leaderboard. You even get different and unique daily challenges and over 40 achievements.

Check out the Warlock TetroPuzzle gameplay video; it’s a bit of a head-scratcher at first, but stick with it, and you’ll see the charm!

Will You Get It?

One of the best parts of Warlock TetroPuzzle is that you can play it offline. Plus, it’s free to play anyway. With only nine moves per puzzle, the game is quick and keeps you on your toes. Its graphics are also charming. Why don’t you check it out on the Google Play Store?

According to the devs, you’ll love their magic dungeon block puzzle if you enjoy the magic of Merlin and the mathematical genius of Ada Lovelace. Now, that’s quite a unique combo, right? Let us know if you try the game. And in the meantime, be sure to take a look at our other news. Waven Is A New RPG On Android Similar To Fire Emblem Heroes.


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