Top five best ladder matches in WWE history

Top five best ladder matches in WWE history

Ladder Matches carries huge anticipation among WWE fans

Ladder Match is a special stipulation pro-wrestling match, which is usually contested for a title or a contract. This is different from a normal match, where two or more wrestlers need to climb the ladder and retrieve the title or the briefcase, which is suspended twenty feet high above the ring to win the match.

WWE has been hosting the ladder matches since 1992 and has brought a number of variations to the match types including the Money in the Bank match, TLC match and more. Here we take a look at the top five best ladder matches in WWE history.

5. Seven-Man Ladder Match (WrestleMania 31)

At WrestleMania 31, Bad News Barrett defended his Intercontinental Championship on the line against Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, R-Truth and Stardust in a seven-man ladder match.

The match swung in all the possible directions, where Barrett at one point came close to retain the title. However Bryan took Barrett and Ziggler out and won the Intercontinental Championship for the first time surrounded by his fans chanting “Yes!”.

4.  Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Ladder Match (Armageddon 2006)

Paul London & Brian Kendrick defended their WWE Tag Team Championship against the team of William Regal & Dave Taylor, MNM & The Hardys in a Fatal Four-Way ladder match. All four teams quarrelled to climb the ladder, where The Hardy’s delivered a leg drop on the ladder, which hit Mercury on the face and busted his nose open. In the final moments, Kendrick took Regal and Taylor out, paving the way for London to climb the ladder and retrieve the title.

3. Jeff Hardy vs Edge (Extreme Rules 2009)

At Extreme Rules 2009, Edge defended his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Jeff Hardy in a ladder match. Both used ladders as weapons to brutally attack each other. Hardy drop kicked a ladder to Edge’s face, Edge locked Jeff between the ladder and applied sharpshooter, and Jeff attempted to hit a leg drop from the top of the ladder on Edge, who was laid over another ladder hinged between the apron and the barricade.

In the final moments of the match Edge tried to retrieve the briefcase, but Jeff pulled his leg between the rungs and climbed the ladder to win the World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Hardy was barely able to stand, where Punk ran out to cash-in his MITB contract and win the title.

2. Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match (WrestleMania 2000) 

At WrestleMania 2000, The Dudley Boyz defended their WWF Tag Team Championship against The Hardy Boyz and the team of Edge & Christian in a Triple Threat Ladder Match. This is one of the best tag team ladder matches in the history of WWE.

They showcased an extreme fight, with bodies and weapons lying all around the stage. Jeff delivered a Swanton Bomb on Bubba Ray Dudley from the ladder through the table, Edge speared Jeff from the top of the ladder and more brutal strikes. However in the final moments of the match, Edge & Christian pushed Matt Hardy from the ladder through the tables and unhooked the Tag Team titles.

1. Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon (WrestleMania X)

At WrestleMania X, Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels competed for the Undisputed WWF Intercontinental Championship, to find out who is the real IC Champion, as both claim that they are the real champs with two titles. This is the second-ever ladder match to take place in WWE history.

Michaels had Diesel in his corner to help him win, however the referee sent him to the backstage, as he saw attacking Ramon. Although his bodyguard was sent out, Michaels took control of Ramon for the major time using the ladder as the weapon to break Ramon’s mid-section.

In the final moments, Michaels delivered a splash using the ladder and climbed the ladder with Ramon under the ladder. However Ramon with a shoulder tackle pushed the ladder to the ropes, which hit Michaels groin and eventually twisted his leg to the ropes, Razor used the momentum to climb the ladder and unhook the championship titles to win the match.

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