The Developer of Game Boy Emulator Pizza Boy is Working on Pizza DS

The Developer of Game Boy Emulator Pizza Boy is Working on Pizza DS

The developer of the popular Game Boy emulator, Pizza Boy, has announced that it’s working on a brand new emulator, this time tackling the Nintendo DS.

Get a Pizza DS Emulator

It is, of course, called Pizza DS, and will, presumably, follow in Pizza Boy’s footsteps by emulating DS and 3DS games. For those unaware, you could use Pizza Boy to emulate games from across the whole Game Boy library, including Color and Advance titles.

There is a fair amount of competition in the Android DS emulation space, of course. Its competitors include MelonDS, DraStic, and, my favourite, NooDS.

How it will compare though, is anyone’s guess, as all I know at this point is the name and that it’s happening.

I Want An Emulator Now!

What you can do though, is check out Pizza Boy for a taste of another emulator by the developer in practice. You can check out Pizza Boy GBA and Pizza Boy GBC, both of which are available right now on Google Play.

Or, if you want to get straight to emulating DS games, go ahead and check out DraStic, MelonDS, or NooDS. All three are available on Google Play, with varying different features.

For a more detailed breakdown of which is best and why, check out our best Android DS emulator feature. We’ve also got a best Android 3DS emulator feature for those looking for that platform.

What About Switch Emulation?

That also exists on Android! We have a best Android Switch emulator feature, which you can check out right now. I do recommend Yuzu though, which recently got the NCE feature, drastically improving it.

This basically allows a game’s code to run natively on Android hardware, made possible by the Switch hardware being quite similar. It’s a bit buggy at the moment, as it’s a new release, but there’s heaps of promise.


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