The Best Android Games Sales and Deals This Week

The Best Android Games Sales and Deals This Week

Looking for the best Android games sales and deals for this week? Look no further! We’ve searched Google Play for the best deals right now. There are plenty of amazing games up for grabs at the moment – perfect to play while getting cozy in bed!

Our Favourite Android Games Sales and Deals This Week

The following games are currently on sale, and we thoroughly recommend picking them up if you’re looking for something new to play.

Doctor Who: Lonely Assassins – $0.99/£0.99

A Doctor Who adventure from the creators of Sara Is Missing and SIMULACRA, featuring one of the sci-fi series’ most frightening monsters? Color us interested. Lonely Assassins has you find a phone belonging to a mysteriously-missing individual. Soon you discover that the previous owner’s absence might have something to do with the sinister statues.

Just remember, don’t blink.

DYSMANTLE – $5.49/£4.99

World ended? Want to take your frustrations out on the environment? Give DYSMANTLE a try. You need to survive in a ruined world, but with 90% of the world breakable, you can ruin it yourself a little, too. Fortunately, you’ll get plenty of materials to craft new things.

Galaxy Trucker – $2.49/£2.79

Galaxy Trucker gives you a mobile version of the iconic board game. Build your ship and take on all the dangers of space if you want to be the best trucker in the solar system.

The Best Android Games Sales and Deals This Week – Round-Up

Now, we’ll round up the rest of the Android gaming deals of the week!

And that’s it! If you find any other great deals over the past week, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to this list.

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