The 5 Most Asked Questions About Dating That Can Help You Find Love

The 5 Most Asked Questions About Dating That Can Help You Find Love

There are a few questions I get asked repeatedly when it comes to dating and timing. I thought it’d be helpful to share some of these questions and answers.

When am I ready to start dating again (after a breakup/divorce)?

If you’re waiting for the moment where you wake up and suddenly feel 100% ready to date, the reality is, that day is not coming. 

You can still miss your ex, and a part of you might still feel sad about what happened. That doesn’t mean your heart is closed for business. There is no perfect timeline where the emotions from one relationship end in one neat and tidy finale.

Online dating is exhausting and I’m ready to give up. If it’s this hard, isn’t this a sign to stop?

To answer this question, I want you to think about that trip you’ve dreamt of taking. Let’s say it’s Bali. To get to Bali, you need to pack, go through customs, and fly a grueling overnight flight. Not to mention the 2 hours of traffic you’ll go through once you leave the airport. You take these steps because it takes you to your destination. You don’t expect it to be fun. You just do it as part of the process.

The same mentality needs to be applied to dating. You go on dates, you go through the ups and downs, and the commit to the process – because you’re doing it as a step to your ultimate destination which is your relationship goal (however that goal looks like is personal and unique to you).

So don’t stop because it’s hard and uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be. But do learn how to get more skilled in dating, because once you do, it becomes a lot more enjoyable and effective.

Dating is so hard at my age, in my city, <insert excuse here>

Dating is a skill. If you never learned how to do it, it can feel like navigating an obstacle course.

But you can learn the tools, psychology, and tried-and-tested methods that have helped thousands of others create healthy love.

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