Take On Your Possessed Relative In Deadly Nightmare: Unwanted Heritage

Take On Your Possessed Relative In Deadly Nightmare: Unwanted Heritage

Spooky possession games. What is this, October? At Droid Gamers, ever season should be horror season in our minds, and another creepy survival horror title just dropped onto Android this week. Deadly Nightmare: Unwanted Heritage has arrived to prove that there are worse family encounters than awkward conversations at Christmas dinner.

Deadly Nightmare: Unwanted Heritage is a follow-up to the 2021 horror title Deadly Nightmare (shocker). Both games follow the plight of the Wilsons, a family haunted by a very dangerous and persistent curse.

It Runs In The Family

In Deadly Nightmare: Unwanted Heritage, you take the role of Anna Wilson, the grandmother of the first game’s protagonist. The curse is using your sister, Helen, as its conduit in the real world, and this is not only dangerous to Helen but dangerous to you as well because she’s definitely out to cause you harm.

In order to battle the curse and save your sibling’s soul, you’re going to need to collect items and equipment from around the house. With them, you can open the Gate Of Curses and face the Queen Of Curses herself. Well, better you than us.

Obviously, the curse doesn’t want you to do that, and the mansion isn’t big enough for the both of you… even though it’s a mansion.

More Monsters

The game adds some additional complexity over the first, with different entities to contend with. Yes, Helen isn’t the only spooky monster you need to deal with to get through the night. Staying safe means using your space and your wits to evade your pursuer… or pursuers, slightly janky physics and all.

Sound like something you’d be into? You can pick up Deadly Nightmare: Unwated Heritage right now for Android via Google Play.

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