Solve Riddles With Your Mew Friend In Riddle Zen!

Solve Riddles With Your Mew Friend In Riddle Zen!

Riddle Zen has entered early access! This cosy pixel puzzler takes you on a path with Neve the cat. Your ‘mew’ companion who loves to dish out riddles to keep your journeys a little more exciting. As you both explore different scenery, you’ll collect plants as souvenirs to complete collections.

Ironically riddles have never been zen for me since I struggle with them a lot. However, the way Riddle Zen presents a challenge really makes this game engaging and fun. The freedom to choose the level of difficulty and simple pixel graphics do add to the zen of this game. On top of that, players are encouraged to set their own pace when playing to keep that theme of relaxing zen.

Grow Your Own Zen Garden!

Each level is presented as a riddle with 9 possible answer outcomes. For each riddle answered correctly an amount of Zen will be awarded, which fluctuates depending on the difficulty chosen. Zen is used for plant upgrades throughout the game as a stamp of progression.

Riddle Zen is all about peaceful themes and pacing, so whilst this game is fit for a variety of ages there is no real sense of competition to it. Even if the levels are proving to be tricky you can use hints and skips at the cost of less Zen when the puzzle is answered.

Even the trickier riddles won’t leave you frustrated. Once the riddle is uncovered you can even read up on the answer in-game to find out why that particular answer was correct! You can check out more of the gameplay through the trailer below:

Riddle Me This

What is still here and not there? You silly! Hey, I already said I’m poor at riddles both answering and making them… Anyway, you should check out Riddle Zen over on the Play Store! Or you can try the DEMO over on!

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