Renowned Finance Author Says Buy Bitcoin Now Before It’s Too Late, Here’s Why

Renowned Finance Author Says Buy Bitcoin Now Before It’s Too Late, Here’s Why

Renowned finance author Robert Kiyosaki has never been shy about his support for Bitcoin and he continues to push for more adoption of the asset. Kiyosaki who wrote the infamous ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book is back once again with a piece of advice, and a warning, for investors regarding Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin Now, Says Kiyosaki

In normal fashion, Kiyosaki took to Twitter to sound the warning about rising prices due to inflation. This tweet was made back on November 23 where the author lamented the reality of individuals who are having to live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to hedge their wealth against inflation by buying Bitcoin, alongside Gold and Silver.

Then in a November 26 post, Kiyosaki once again reiterated the importance of owning Bitcoin. As the finance author explained, it will be good news when the price of Gold reaches a new high. However, those who will suffer are workers and savers.

Instead of just saving straight in dollars, the best-selling author advises that individuals put their money into assets such as Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin. Kiyosaki refers to the monetary system as a “FAKE money system”, advising people to get out before it’s too late.

This is on brand for Kiyosaki whose message over the years has not changed. Instead of saving in dollars that are expected to keep depreciating, the author lobbies for better ways to store wealth, with Bitcoin always leading the charge.

BTC Price Will Soar To 6-Digits

Kiyosaki’s bullishness on Bitcoin and why he advises investors to utilize this asset shines through in his predictions for the future price. In October, Kiyosaki predicted that the price of Bitcoin would reach as high as $135,000 a piece especially as the price of Gold began to trend higher.

This prediction pads up his earlier forecast from August 2023 where the author said the BTC price could reach 7-digits. He said the asset, which he refers to as ‘God’s money’, could cross the $1 million mark, and at the same time, the price of Gold could cross $75,000 while Silver will rally to $60,000.

Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver are not the only assets that Kiyosaki is bullish on, however, as tech giant Apple has caught his attention. This comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook sold his shares of the company. As the price fell, Kiyosaki put forward that Apple shares may be a good buy if the price were to drop below $150. However, Apple stock failed to breach this mark and has since risen back above $189 per share.

BTC bulls hold above $37,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

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