Playful, stackable jewelry for the modern trendsetter

Playful, stackable jewelry for the modern trendsetter

I for Isharya, the new collection by jewellery brand Isharya, with its edgy tweaks, brings in the flirty and fabulous rings and bracelets you can ladder up. “We chose the name to emphasise on you, and your unique personality and style aesthetic,” says the Mumbai-based co-founder, Gauri Tandon. “All the pieces in the collection are stackable—you can easily mix and match to create your own signature jewellery.” Think playful layering in 132 lightweight pieces—there are slinky bracelets, petite lockets and enamelled rings.

Each piece, made in brass and plated with 18k gold, brings a fresh and lively spirit to any look. “We wanted this collection to be fun and dainty, yet innovate with our colour palette. The sorbet hues are a nod to the aughts and their candy-inspired DIY aesthetic.

A little nostalgia coupled with the #HackYourStack mantra is what ultimately packs this new line with the character,” shares Gauri.

The target audience for I For Isharya is 25- to 35-year-olds, whose style quotient strikes a balance between new trends and classic elegance. “The line reflects this generation’s unabashed authenticity, by playing around with proportions, scale and material,” the founder says.


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