Outlast The Zerg Rush In Star Survivor

Outlast The Zerg Rush In Star Survivor

What do you get when you cross a deck builder, Vampire Survivors, and Asteroids? No, it’s not having too many apps running at once, it’s Star Survivor, a new top-down space combat game that finds you a lone starship against a seemingly endless alien swarm. Fittingly named The Endless, in fact.

Your future looks bleak as you face down thousands of attackers. You will probably die, but you can make it as difficult for them as possible. Fortunately, Star Survivor provides that with a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

All Hands On Deck (Building)

First, you select a ship from several options, each with its own potentially-useful traits. Then, you earn upgrades the longer you can keep on turning enemies into space junk. Choose one option presented to you, and try to chain them together to synergize as effectively as possible.

There’s an elemental of strategy there, as the game invites you to create upgrade ‘decks’ that give you some control of what weapons and equipment the game presents you with.

So spend time tinkering, reading stats and trying to assemble your ultimate synergy plan, or just go in and stary blasting. We won’t judge you either way.

In Space, No-One Can Hear You Ragequit

There’s a campaign mode that comes with bosses and traditional advancement, a challenge mode that gives you certain pre-made decks to wrangle with, and endless where you see how long you can last against the full might of the invaders.

If you’re not a casualty of Vampire Survivors-like fatigue, Star Survivor does seem to bring its own ideas to the table.

Does the space fighting sound exactly your speed? You can pick up Star Survivor Premium for Android now via Google Play.

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