No Magic? No Problem In Black Clover M

No Magic? No Problem In Black Clover M

Magic is in the air. Black Clover M just dropped onto Google Play, and it gives fans of the hit anime a chance to enjoy the magic and mayhem of the series in a more interactive fashion, with the benefit of the original voice cast.

The game follows Asta, a young man who sets out to earn the mantle of Wizard King, a title once bestowed on a powerful magician that saved the world from destruction. Asta is a very driven individual. He won’t let a trivial matter like growing up with zero inherent magical power stop him from achieving his goals.

A World Of Magic

That’s where you come in. You control Asta and wander around the fantasy world as you assemble a crack squad of mages to help you follow your dreams.

The battles are turn-based like classical RPGs. Characters work together to produce some pretty impressive moves.

You can complete quests that follow the main arc of the original story, though that’s not all there is to do. You can check out Raids, boss missions, and PVP face-offs in the Arena mode.

Lots To Do

Tired of fighting? The world of Black Clover M has other activities to keep you occupied. You can explore the areas, interact with colorful characters, take up cooking, or even pass the time catching fish.

The whole thing ties together in the impressive visual fidelity of Unreal Engine 4, and it certainly looks extremely pretty for a mobile title. It’s all rendered in full 3D graphics, and the elaborately textured environments do a great job of capturing the feel of the anime in a different format, something that can hit or miss.

Sound like your kind of thing? You can download Black Clover M now for free via the Google Play page.

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