Minetest Update Removes Its Main Game And That’s A Good Thing

Minetest Update Removes Its Main Game And That’s A Good Thing

A new Minetest update just dropped. You hear plenty about updates that add new features to a game. It’s not that often that whole features are removed from the package the game ships with after release. Minetest 5.8.0 might be an exception, and it will improve your experience.

One of the major parts of the update has been removing the app’s default to its test game. In previous versions, Minetest came pre-packaged with a test game, named Minetest Game. This showcased what the engine has to offer. Convenient, right? Maybe a little too convenient as it turns out.

Encouraging Players To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

The developer made the changes as it appeared many players never ventured beyond the test game, and so didn’t experience the full delights of what Minetest has to offer.

Minetest isn’t just a Minecraft clone, rather it’s a platform that lets you play tons of user-generated games, similar to how Roblox runs. Unlike Roblox, it’s a free, open-source, and ad-free experience just there to bring enjoyment and discovery.

The devs wanted to highlight the creations of other game designers on the platform, so with the new Minetest update you won’t be able to hop straight into Minetest Game.

Don’t worry, you can still access the game if you miss it, you just need to get it from the game browser, where a ton of other interesting experiences also await you.

Other Improvements

In addition, something that’s good news for our platform, the latest update improves upon the Android experience, with better controls and a more user-friendly building experience. No complaints here!

This is with some considerably better anti-aliasing support. This lets you tailor your experience based on how much graphical resource you have to play with. For those of us who play on phones, this is always good to hear. We don’t want to cook our devices!

If you haven’t caught the Minetest bug yet, you can get it now for free via Google Play.

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