Luxury and tradition blend in OBEETEE Carpets’ new collection

Luxury and tradition blend in OBEETEE Carpets’ new collection

We have worked with the weaver clusters in the villages Piprish and Meuli Mirzapur, all in the vicinity of our factory,” the designers say. “It took almost two years to realise the collection as translating from paper to handknots involved a fair amount of back and forth to get the patterns and colours just right,” they add.

The carousel of old-soul rug names endears—in Jhelum, Barud, Nrityalata, Sankhlata and Korobi. “They are a deliberate nod to India’s rich cultural heritage and the timeless beauty of its textiles. Each name is carefully chosen to evoke the essence of the region and the traditional craft that inspired the piece.”

The designers said adding, “We wanted the names to transport you to a bygone era, to evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection to the land, its people, and their timeless crafts.” Jhelum, for instance, is named after the gentle river that flows through Kashmir, reflecting the soothing hues and intricate embroidery of the region’s iconic shawls.

Barud echoes the rustic charm of Rajasthan’s block-printed fabrics, while Nrityalata and Sankhlata evoke the graceful movements and melodic rhythms of Indian classical dance and music. Korobi (‘beautiful’ in Bengali) pays homage to the exquisite kanthas of Bengal. Their favourite though is the Kalrekha. The black rug brings in the simplicity of the hand-drawn patterning of lines.

“We believe a rug is either the top note piece in a room that makes a design statement or the subtle background tune that pulls together the furniture and the objects that surround it. You can even hang the intricate rugs on the wall. The smaller pieces work well on table-tops too,” says Abraham.

This collection will be followed by a line of soft furnishings and wallpaper “to sit in with the rest of the home collection to tell a more cohesive story.”

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