How to Turn Your Home into a Dog-Friendly Design • Kritter Kommunity

How to Turn Your Home into a Dog-Friendly Design • Kritter Kommunity

Hey you, aspiring interior decorator with a furry twist! Ready to transform your humble abode into a doggie paradise without sacrificing style or sanity? We’re diving nose-first into the world of chic canine-friendly design. This post is all about turning your home into a dog-friendly design.

Why Blend Fido and Furniture?

Let’s face it: our four-legged pals are part of the family, so why not make your home their happy place too? But hey, this isn’t about throwing a few dog beds around and calling it a day. It’s about seamlessly integrating their needs with your décor, creating a space that’s tail-waggingly awesome for all involved.

Tips for Tail-Wagging Success

1. Choose Durable Fabrics

Think rugged yet stylish! Opt for fabrics that can withstand enthusiastic tail wags, occasional muddy paws, and the odd excited zoomie session. Leather, microfiber, or outdoor fabrics can be your best pals here.

Insert Bully Beds: 20-Year Warranty?

BullyBeds touts how their bed keeps its fluffiness for two whole decades. Bully Beds guarantees just that with its warranty! If that bed decides to flatten out by more than 2 inches within those 20 years, they’ll replace it once, absolutely free. (But hey, only if you’re the first owner, sorry can’t pass that warranty like a hot potato.)

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What’s Not Covered Though?

Sure, they’ve got your back for keeping the bed’s shape intact, but there are limits, people. Here’s the lowdown on what won’t fly under their warranty:

  • Normal Wear and Tear: Chewing, ripping, or any outer cover damage—it’s a no-go.
  • Foam Fiascos: If your pup decides to turn the foam into a chew toy or it gets attacked by mold, stains, or bodily fluids, warranty’s off the table.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Keep these beds indoors, folks. Once they hit the great outdoors, warranty poof! Disappears.
  • Moisture Mishaps: Exposure to water, urine, saliva, or any fluid that’s not a part of the bed’s design? Sorry, warranty’s null and void.

2. Elevated Dog Beds are Paw-some

Consider elevated beds for your furry buddy. They’re not only trendy but also keep them comfy while preventing any floor drafts from giving them a chill.

3. Multi-Purpose Furniture Rules

Look for furniture pieces that double as pet-friendly items. Storage ottomans or benches can hide toys and pet supplies while serving their primary function.

Elevate Your Space with a Dual-Purpose Crate-Side Table from Fable!

Say hello to the ultimate doggy retreat that doubles as chic furniture!

Looking for a crate that moonlights as a side table? Look no further! This signature crate from Fable is all about class and functionality. Made from premium bentwood, it’s available in two fabulous finishes: signature and limited-edition walnut. Oh, and the gate? You get to choose between metal or fancy-schmancy clear acrylic. Plus, it’s not just about locking up your furball—this beauty allows for discreet gate storage within the unit itself. Talk about sleek and savvy!

Design that Blends In

The vibe here? Minimalism at its finest. This crate blends into your home decor effortlessly. It’s not just a crate; it’s a side table that brings in ample light and airflow, creating this zen den your pet will absolutely adore after a day of being a four-legged explorer.

Pro Tip: Keep a close eye on your pupper during those early days with the crate. They might need some extra TLC, especially the little ones who are still figuring out this whole world.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Now, here’s the serious bit: since this bad boy’s a substantial piece, returns aren’t in the cards. Measure those dimensions twice, folks. We don’t want any crate-table Tetris going on.

And hey, just to sweeten the deal, there’s a 1-year limited warranty thrown into the mix. It’s like the cherry on top of this crate-table-sundae!

Fable Pets Minimalist Dog Crate

4. Go for Washable Everything

From slipcovers to rugs, the easier it is to toss in the wash, the happier you’ll be when your pup decides it’s time for an impromptu mud bath.

5. Play with Indoor Plants (Safely!)

Just a heads up: some plants are a big no-no for pups. Keep it safe with pet-friendly greenery like spider plants or Boston ferns that add life to your space without risking your furry friend’s health.

Styling Tips for that Paw-fect Look

Paws for Thought

Remember, this isn’t about sacrificing your style for your pet’s comfort. It’s about finding that sweet spot where functionality meets fabulousness. So go ahead, let your furry sidekick influence your home design – after all, it’s where wagging tails and good vibes collide!

Got any tips of your own or a pup-approved design idea? Share them in the comments below and let’s bark about it! 🐾✨


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