How To Get The GPO Soul Cane – Stats, and Soul King Info Included!

How To Get The GPO Soul Cane – Stats, and Soul King Info Included!

Want to feel more dapper and get your hands on one of the most slick weapons in GPO? That or you’re in need of a crutch to walk after the boss battle which drops the GPO Soul Cane. Either way, our guide tells you where you can get the Soul Cane and its statistics so you can decide if you want to obtain it!

Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game that’s a love letter to the world of One Piece. Head out on a boat to sail the wide oceans and discover all kinds of different islands. There are quests to complete, a huge number of places to explore, and of course magical devil fruit to consume for supernatural powers.

You can grab Grand Piece Online on Roblox.

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GPO Soul Cane

We have broken this into sections so you can find what you need straight away!

What Is The Soul Cane + Stats

The Soul Cane is a long stick-like melee weapon of Legendary rarity. It has a 1% drop rate chance from both versions of the Soul King boss at the Thriller Bark’s Ghost Ship. It carries a 7 M1 Base DMG and players who obtain this high-grade weapon must be level 475 or above to trade for it.

Soul Cane Moves

Soul Parade – The cane is raised into a defensive position. If the player takes damage whilst in this position, the target will freeze for a number of seconds in an encasing of ice (Freeze stun). The player can then attack the enemy within the ice to deal damage, but the ice will break.

Drawing Song – The player uses the cane to teleport in range of an enemy before dealing the enemy 3 consecutive strikes which deal high damage.

Both moves from the Soul Cane feature low cooldowns. Meaning it can continue to barrage enemies with consecutive planned attacks. The main drawback to this is Drawing Song has a long start-up. Plus the weapon isn’t best equipped for PvP matches.

Soul King

The Soul King takes his skeletal appearance from One Piece’s Brook. This bony boss can be located within the Second Sea around Thriller Bark’s Ghost Ship. He spawns every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 AM/6 PM EST. As expected he is equipped with the Soul Cane during battle.

There are two versions of the Soul King, being his original form and the Rockstar Soul King, with the latter being the rarer version. Both have a 1% chance to drop their Soul Cane, so the version you fight to obtain the weapon hardly matters.

A lot of the Soul King stats are unknown. When he spawns he will be surrounded by ?? Skeleton Pirates which won’t respawn once killed, have unknown health, and 29 M1 Damage. The Soul King’s health is also unknown.


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