How To Get Divine Katana In Shadovia

How To Get Divine Katana In Shadovia

Our How To Get Divine Katana In Shadovia guide tells you how to get this elite blade. The Divine Katana is one of the best weapons in the game so no doubt with this on hand you’ll slash your way through quests and dungeons and shower in the loot and… Enemy remains.

Shadovia is the newer sister game to Shadovis. This medieval RPG brings all things beloved to that genre and wraps it into a little Roblox experience. You can battle, loot and craft your way through the ranks to become a recognised hero! From quests to bosses, there is no shortage of fun at the hands of NPCs who give you tasks!

You can check out Shadovia over on Roblox. We also have a Full Shadovia Beginners Guide and an All Shadovia Fuses Guide.

How to get Divine Katana in Shadovia

Let’s get into the guide!

Divine Katana

The Divine Katana is the pinnacle of all blades in Shadovia. Because of this, it requires a lot of grinding to get it! So much so that you’ll need to go about obtaining every other Katana in the game first before you can even get your hands on the Divine Katana.

How To Get All The Katanas

Your first and main point of interest will be travelling to the Ninja Dojo, which is far right to the Elf Shrine down in the sand. The Ninja Dojo works like a dungeon where waves of enemies will spawn, and here you have a chance to get some important items.

  • Katanas
  • Potions (Including the Love Ninja Potion)

You may have to redo the fight a few times to build up an inventory of these items, but Shadovia is known for its grind!


Next, you’ll need to head to Brimstone (Volcanic area) to grab materials for the next crafting recipe, Molten Ingots. Your main task here is to farm the Golems for loot and again build up an inventory of loot.

  • Stone Sigils
  • Molten Ingots

The Stone Sigils can be used to spawn a Giga Golem boss who drops Gems which are crucial for your katanas.


This is the easy part, around most maps with greenery Toad Trumper and Pinestool will spawn randomly around the map. You’ll need to gather a few of these, but thankfully this is the easy part!

Divine Katana

The Divine Katana is a blade that can be forged once a player has obtained every other katana in Shadovia. The other sections of this guide give guidance as to where you can grab most of the materials needed to craft the weaker Katanas.

Once you have gathered all the materials to craft one of each Katana, you can then combine them to create the Divine Katana.


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