How To Get Brain Damage In Broken Bones IV

How To Get Brain Damage In Broken Bones IV

It’s not that often that you ever want brain damage, but in Broken Bones IV it’s positively encouraged. In fact, you get a significant amount of cash for blowing your avatar’s mind. In our guide on how to get brain damage in Broken Bones IV we go over how to do it.

Broken Bones IV is a Roblox game with a strange objective. You know how in most games you try to avoid getting your character hurt? Well, in Broken Bones IV you do exactly the opposite. It’s up to you to cause as much damage as possible to your little blocky dude through the means of a tall cliff and some sharp rocks.

Go skydiving without a parachute and get money for everything you break, sprain, or otherwise injure. Then use the money to purchase upgrades and gadgets to cause even greater harm. Definitely don’t try this at home.

You can play Broken Bones IV now on Roblox. We also have a Broken Bones IV codes guide if you’re interested.

How To Get Brain Damage In Broken Bones IV

Here we’ll cover the sections that you need to know.

About Brain Damage

Brain Damage is the third tier in the head injuries category. You know you’ve achieved it when the screen blurs out and the colors get a bit funky. If you’re able to get it, you get a cool $100,000 at the end of you fall, which is nothing to complain about.

How To Get Brain Damage

As you might imagine, one of the most important parts of getting the Brain Damage status is making sure your avatar lands on its head. It also needs to land on it at high speeds. You ideally want to be travelling at over 200 miles per hour on impact.

The Smackdown skill, in all its levels, can be helpful for this because it flings your character down with some force.

The Fireworks skill can also be used to launch your character at cliff faces at his speed.

Upgrading your Flight Control stat can also be helpful so you can guide your Roblox character more easily while falling.


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