Hanging Hexagon Cat Shelves Safely • Kritter Kommunity

Hanging Hexagon Cat Shelves Safely • Kritter Kommunity

Alright, cat lovers and DIY enthusiasts, we’re about to dive into the world of hexagon cat shelves! These nifty little platforms not only provide your furry feline friends with an elevated hangout spot but also add a dash of chic to your living space. But before you start hammering away, let’s chat about safety. This post is all about hanging hexagon cat shelves safely.

Here are some purrfect tips to ensure your hexagon cat shelves are hung up safely:

1. Scout the Purrfect Spot

Where you hang these shelves matters—a lot! Cats love a good view, so aim for a spot that offers a peek at their kingdom (read: your living room). Ensure it’s away from any heating vents, direct sunlight, or other potential hazards.

Absolutely, here’s a simple table you can use as a checklist for finding the safest spot to hang your cat shelves:

Location Safety Considerations
Living Room Avoid direct sunlight and heating vents.
Away from Windows Prevent potential hazards or escape attempts.
Sturdy Walls Ensure wall can support the weight.
Avoid High Traffic Minimize disturbances for your cat.
Near Elevated Views Provide a good vantage point for your cat.
No Overhead Hazards Ensure there’s no risk of objects falling down.
Secure from Other Pets Keep the shelves away from areas accessible by other pets.

2. Solid as a Rock

You wouldn’t want these shelves crashing down during your cat’s midday siesta, right?

Make sure the wall you’re mounting them on can handle the weight.

Use sturdy wall anchors or find the studs for extra support. Cats might have nine lives, but let’s not test that theory with flimsy installations!

This video will be your guide!

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3. Measure Twice, Drill Once

Avoid a DIY disaster by measuring the space and marking the spots for drilling accurately. It’s like a game of kitty Tetris—precision matters!

Double-check those measurements; you don’t want your hexagons to look like a mismatched puzzle.

4. Tools: Not Just for the Pros

You don’t need a carpenter’s belt, but having the right tools handy will make this a breeze.

A level, a good drill, screws, and a helping paw from a friend (or a cat) can make the process smoother.

5. Safety First (For You and Your Cat)

It’s not just about your cat’s safety; it’s about yours too!

Wear safety goggles because nobody wants sawdust in their eyes, and keep your furry supervisor at a safe distance from power tools.

6. Test Run and Quality Control

Before letting your cat loose on their new throne, give it a test run yourself.

Jump on the shelves (yes, you!) to ensure they can withstand the weight. Just kidding, that would be close to impossible.

But adding 3x your cat’s weight in books is a good idea. You want the extra pounce lbs your cat will give to keep firm and steady.

7. Supervised Kitty Launch

Once everything’s secured and double-checked, it’s showtime! But hold on, no launching your cat onto the shelves.

Encourage them to explore at their own pace. Treat bribes might be involved, but hey, whatever works!

8. Regular Checkups

Just like your annual checkup at the doc, these shelves need some love too! Periodically inspect the installation to ensure everything is holding up well. Cats can be pretty rambunctious, and those acrobatics might take a toll on the shelves.

There you have it—your guide to hanging hexagon cat shelves safely without a hitch! Remember, it’s not just about creating a cool hangout spot for your cat; it’s about keeping them safe while they rule their mini kingdom. So, grab those tools, enlist a helping paw, and get ready to elevate your cat’s lounging game while adding some flair to your decor!


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