Full Shadovia Beginners Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Full Shadovia Beginners Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Our Shadovia Beginners Guide takes you from being a total noob to a noob with knowledge! This walkthrough breaks down some of the early stages of Shadovia so you know what to do first in this open-world RPG.

Shadovia is the newer sister game to Shadovis. This medieval RPG brings all things beloved to that genre and wraps it into a little Roblox experience. You can battle, loot and craft your way through the ranks to become a recognised hero! From quests to bosses, there is no shortage of fun at the hands of NPCs who give you tasks!

You can check out Shadovia over on Roblox. Before you jump into that adventure, check out some of our other guides! How To Become A Peroxide Fullbringer and Legends Rewritten Blessings Tier List.

Shadovia Beginners Guide

Hey, you, you’re finally awake.

Where To Begin

You’ll spawn in the open with a Flatty Sword in a chest near a room, don’t forget to grab this or the early stages of the game will be significantly harder! Enter the room and follow the hallway through a set of doors and there will be a pool with a floating square in the centre. If you interact with this the game will proceed with a cut scene and then you will awaken in a village.

Game Mechanics and First Quest

Shadovia visualise progress through grinding and quests. In this village is a lot of the game mechanics you’ll regularly use regardless of how far into the game you are. For example, there are NPCs with quests, a Blacksmith for fusing items, etc.

Near the fountain where you spawn is the Sheriff who gives you a quest called Bandit Squasher where you must Kill 5 Bandits. Doing this will award you with the Sheriff Shooter. This weapon is your first real step in playing the game as now you can take this to the Blacksmith and fuse your Flatty Sword and Sheriff Shooter to create a new and more powerful weapon! The Goo Sword.

Fusing Weapons

Fusion in Shadovia is a core part of the game as it allows players to create unique weapons. As mentioned the game focuses on being grindy and quest heavy for progress. The whole idea is to become the best with the best weapons and equipment on the server and to do so you gotta’ keep fusing!

The Desert

The Desert should be your next place of interest as a noob to the game. It is much like the Starting Village you have just been in except in a desert of course. This area is full of NPCs with quests, tombs, and rewarding things to loot and explore.

The items yielded from the desert are obtainable to early players but significantly better than anything you can reap in the starter village. Also in the desert is the Tomb, which is essentially a dungeon for you to crawl with bosses and better loot.

Final Notes

If there is anything else you think we should add to this beginner’s guide feel free to leave a comment! We may add it here or create a whole new guide if we think your how-to request is worth a whole other section.


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