Eye-cream or not?

Eye-cream or not?

Say eye-cream, and you’ll get instant polarisation. There are two distinct factions when it comes to eye creams: the believers and the nonbelievers. Some women and men swear by the stuff, dutifully patting expensive potions around their eyes twice a day with hopes of easing their fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

The non-believers adhere to the notion that whatever they’re using to moisturise their face simply has to be good enough for their eyes, too. When it comes to eye-creams, the answer seems to vary depending on who you talk to and what you’re hoping to accomplish.

Simply put, most specialists believe there are certain issues that eye creams can help treat, but some concerns are untouchable.

Who needs an eye-cream?

There’s no question that the skin around your eyes is more fragile than the rest of your face. It’s best to be extra careful with it. This skin is some of the thinnest and most delicate, and is also subject to constant micromovements.

The fragility of the area also explains why it’s often the first part of your face to start showing signs of age. It’s natural for our skin to become drier over time. Not surprisingly, a lack of hydration is also a wrinkle-causing factor. Experts say that it makes sense that a moisturiser in this area appears to benefit dehydrated skin. Certain anti-ageing eye treatments can, indeed, help improve under-eye smoothness and reduce the depth of larger wrinkles.


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