ECB shifts meeting minutes release to temper market impact By

ECB shifts meeting minutes release to temper market impact By

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The European Central Bank (ECB) has made a strategic adjustment in its communication protocol, now releasing the minutes of its meetings three weeks prior to the following session. This move is aimed at diminishing the immediate influence these records have on financial markets. The latest minutes underscore President Christine Lagarde’s concerns regarding economic growth risks, echoing sentiments from October’s press conference about emerging signs of disinflation.

The financial markets are aligning with the ECB’s signals, expecting high interest rates to continue. This is in line with the ECB’s commitment to prevent any unwarranted easing in financial conditions. In a unanimous decision, the ECB’s council has resolved to maintain restrictive policy rates until inflation objectives are achieved.

Current monetary policy suggests that the period of aggressive rate hikes may be coming to an end, transitioning instead to a sustained phase of elevated rates. While not explicitly ruled out, further rate increases appear less likely given the economic challenges and signs of disinflation. These developments imply that the ECB might consider rate reductions sooner than previously anticipated.

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