Colossal Cave Adventure 3D Is A New Avatar Of The Classic Game Right From The 70’s!

Colossal Cave Adventure 3D Is A New Avatar Of The Classic Game Right From The 70’s!

A classic game remade. We’ve seen this done many times. But the game I’m talking about today is a really old one. Like REALLY! Colossal Cave Adventure, which first dropped in 1976 is making a comeback through mobile in a 3D avatar.

This game has seen a lot over the past five decades. Originally created by developer Will Crowther, it was a totally text-based adventure game made for the PDP-10 mainframe computer. A year later, Don Woods took the game and expanded it.

For Android, Roberta Williams (author of King’s Quest and Phantasmagoria) took up the huge task of rewriting the game for mobile players. Along with Ken Williams, Roberta spent two years creating a fully immersive 3D experience for Colossal Cave Adventure.

Will You Play Colossal Cave Adventure 3D?

Colossal Cave Adventure was like the holy grail of interactive fiction. You dive into a cavernous underworld filled with treasure, secret passages, dragons and magic spells. What makes this new 3D version exciting is that it has been fully re-engineered for today’s smartphones.

In Colossal Cave Adventure 3D, you explore a massive cave system which is (probably) full of treasure and gold. With tons of different locations to navigate, you interact with various objects through simple text commands.

Basically, the game narrates your experience, telling you where you are and what happens based on your actions. Currently, the game is up for grabs at $4.99. It’s a special launch price as normally, it’d cost $12.99. Go ahead and check it out on the Google Play Store.

Before you leave, here is a fun fact: In 2019, Colossal Cave even scored a spot in the World Video Game Hall of Fame. And be sure to check out some of our other news. Action-Platformer Sqube Darkness 2 Looks Like A Black-And-White Version Of Geometry Dash.


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