Clover Retribution Pyrrhix Guide – Summoning and Wishes!

Clover Retribution Pyrrhix Guide – Summoning and Wishes!

This Clover Retribution Pyrrhix Guide tells you who this fantastical beast is, how to summon him and what he offers!

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Clover Retribution Pyrrhix Guide

Whilst the name gives nothing away, this beastly creature has a striking resemblance to that of DBZ Shenron. Also like Shenron, the Pyrrhix offers players who summon it one wish of their desire. Somewhat.

This dragon is the lesser of three, offering a smaller buff than its kins Verdagon and Maligon. Naturally, this means he is also the easiest to summon if you know how.

How To Summon Pyrrhix

Pyrrhix requires a player to locate and bring together all seven of the Star Spheres (Dragon Balls). The Dragon Ball event which drops the Star Spheres has a chance to happen every 10 minutes server-wide. If successful in the event, a player might receive one of the seven Star Spheres, though to summon Pyrrhix they will need to get one of each number. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7).

Once these artefacts are on hand, you deposit them into The Wishing Well which then brings forth Pyrrhix who grants you one wish of your choice from the following:

  • I want to be rich! – The player receives 15k Gold
  • I want to grow quicker! – The player receives the Elixir of Growth (x2 EXP for 15 minutes)
  • I want to be stronger! – EXP x12,000, Magic Mastery x10,000 and Weapons Mastery x10,000
  • I want a new broom! – The player receives the Flying Cloud broom (Based on the Flying Nimbus from DBZ). This item also flies higher and faster than the Wooden Broom.

Once your wish is granted, the Dragon dispurses along with the inputted Star Spheres until you next obtain all 7 for a re-summon.


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