Blue Archive Unleashes “Rabbit of Caerbannog Chapter 2”

Blue Archive Unleashes “Rabbit of Caerbannog Chapter 2”

Get ready for an electrifying journey in Blue Archive for the latest update, “Rabbit of Caerbannog Chapter 2: We Were RABBITs!”. NEXON Korea Corp. continues to weave its captivating narrative, bringing back Sensei and the RABBIT Squad for another round of action-packed adventures. This update takes us deeper into the lives of the academy students as they face unexpected challenges and unearth shadows from their past.

After the tumultuous happenings of “Rabbit of Caerbannog Chapter 1,” the RABBIT Squad thought they could come back to their everyday routines. Little did they know, a mysterious figure from their past would resurface, throwing them into a whirlwind of conspiracies. Join Sensei and the squad as they navigate the chaos, uphold justice, and face the unexpected.

Meet Minori: An Explosive Addition to the Squad

Meet Minori, the explosive force that’s about to shake up the battlegrounds of Blue Archive. Hailing from the Red Winter Federal Academy, this dynamo packs a punch like no other. Minori’s unique EX-skill deals significant damage and allows players to amplify the impact by strategically managing additional costs.

Her arrival introduces a strategic twist, challenging players to master the delicate balance between power and cost. These skilled students bring their unique abilities to the table, allowing players to enhance their squads with powerful additions. It’s time to strategize and make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Blue Archive Events for Rabbit of Caerbannog Chapter 2

Blue Archive is having a bunch of events to mark the new story update. Dive into the “Balancing Schale’s Books with the General Student Council” event, which can get you tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for cosmetics, in-game items, and more until December 26th, 2023.

Engage in 3-day/week workplace improvement missions until January 9th, 2024, and seize the opportunity to earn valuable rewards. Players can win rewards, including Minori’s Woodworking Workbench and 10 recruitment tickets for interaction with other players.

With the return of this series, Blue Archive proves its prowess in delivering captivating stories and thrilling gameplay. The world of Kivotos awaits your strategic prowess, so don your gear, rally your squad, and let the gaming adventure unfold! F

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