Best Upcoming Android Games In 2024

Best Upcoming Android Games In 2024

Seasons greetings, here are our best upcoming Android games in 2024! With this year coming to an end we have enjoyed a huge variety of releases across Android. After our GOTY wrap-up which was determined by our Editorial team, we can now look forward to a bunch of exciting new releases in 2024. But what games are we most excited about?

You may be counting down for a different game. Feel free to let us know what release you’re excited about.

First on the list is Love and Deepspace. See I’m not a romantic at all but something about this game really intrigues me hence why I’m including it. This dating-sim RPG Gacha game is nothing short of alluring. The characters are mysterious, and when you’re not flirting with them you’re fighting beside them in heated sci-fi combat.

On top of a really unique playstyle, Love and Deepspace has such nice graphics. The interactive 3D cutscenes shown in different trailers across the game’s social media pages have me hooked! (Which to be fair, I’m easy to persway if the art style is nice.)

feature image for our Potion Permit segment shows two alchemists looking to the viewer in a village with three villagers in the background

Now I’m not immune to a bit of a whimsical game, and the story behind this one is incredibly charming. You are an apprentice witch who gets to scavenge and brew potions to aid sick villagers who are a bit dubious of witching practices. As you win over the healing townsfolk you get to unlock more aspects of the game, new medicine, dialogue, and more!

Potion Permit again is one of those games with an art style I simply adore! I did say I’m easy to give in to games with enchanted visuals.

feature image for our plant vs zombies 3 segment shows a bunch of zombies hurling towards unique plants with faces ready to battle

PvZ is so timeless and yet I cannot wait for the third instalment of this series. If you’re unfamiliar, Plant VS Zombies is a strategy tower defence style game where you defend your plot from an onslaught of Zombies who can each have different skills. You unlock and drop plants onto tiles which attack the Zombies with their own unique abilities!

The soft launch of this game happened way back in 2021, so if you’re feeling Deja Vu we hear you! But after long last this game is expected to release in full in February of 2024!

Feature image for our into the dead 3 segment shows blurred zombies in the background of the game logo and the heroin silhouette in the centre of the A on "DEAD"

Keeping the theme of apocalyptic Zombies and 3rd instalments is Into The Dead 3! The release of this game was pushed back once in 2023, so hopefully we can actually see this game launch in 2024! Into The Dead 3 is a first-person perspective endless runner where you fight to survive against endless waves of the undead!

ITD 3 is meant to be set 10 years after the previous game, so let’s hope they don’t actually keep us waiting 10 years for the game’s release!

feature image for our project ragnarok shows a golden triangle emblem in the centre of a battleground where a bunch of monster like characters are battling

Finally, we come to Project: Ragnarok! This open-world RPG brings tons of action to a land threatened by extinction. Of course, this title is based on none other than God of War which takes you through tales of Nordic mythology.

As the heroin of this tale with godly powers, you get to traverse a lore-rich storyline with cutting combat sequences to try and prevent an eventual apocalypse!


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