Anime Defenders Sukuna Guide – All About Curse Prince

Anime Defenders Sukuna Guide – All About Curse Prince

Want to wield the power of Sukuna.. without even having to share a body with him? Well, there’s always Curse Prince. This fellow is very similar to the conniving special grade, and it’s also an extremely good unit, to boot. Our Anime Defenders Sukuna guide goes into detail about Curse Prince so you know how to get him, and how to use him.

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Anime Defenders Sukuna Guide

First, we can discuss how to get the unit, and then what it does.

How To Get Curse Prince

Curse Prince is a Mythical-rarity unit. This means you get a 0.25% chance to roll one if the particular Mythic is on the banner. If they’re not on the banner, you can’t roll them! If you want Curse Prince, it’s a good idea to check in-game when the Standard Banner is refreshed whether Curse Prince appears. You can also check the banner updates on the Anime Defenders Discord.

About Curse Prince

Let’s go over the important info on the unit!

  • The Unit costs 1,000¥ to deploy once you get into a round.
  • He is a hybrid-type unit.
  • You can upgrade Curse Prince eleven times, for a total of 64,000¥.
  • The unit can inflict Bleed, and later Burn.
  • You can evolve Curse Prince to Curse King with two Cursed Fingers, you can craft a Cursed Finger with the following ingredients:
    • 1 Rainbow Star Rift
    • 6 Green Star Rifts
    • 6 Red Star Rifts
    • 5 Purple Star Rifts
    • 14 Yellow Star Rifts
    • 14,000 Gold

So, to evolve Curse Prince as a whole takes the following:

  • 2 Rainbow Star Rift
  • 12 Green Star Rifts
  • 12 Red Star Rifts
  • 10 Purple Star Rifts
  • 28 Yellow Star Rifts
  • 28,000 Gold


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