Ace Shooter Lets You Have A 30v30 Brawl In Its Latest Update!

Ace Shooter Lets You Have A 30v30 Brawl In Its Latest Update!

Warpath 9.0 is here! Yes, the classic real-time strategy game Warpath: Ace Shooter just dropped its latest update, Theater of Conquest: Rome. Available for free on Android, it’s a 26-day campaign with new Air Force units, officers and game modes. Keep reading to know more!

Officer Everbloom And Officer Rapier Reporting!

During the 26-day Rome campaign, you can explore the ancient Mediterranean architecture-inspired battlefield. New officers Everbloom Nguyen Thu Suong (Infantry) and Rapier Ye Qiming (Tank) will now report to your unit. And with them, they’re bringing fresh bonuses to infantry and vehicle units.

Ground assaults are tricky on Rome’s unique terrain, making Air Force units crucial. So, you have new Conquest-exclusive units Lanneret and Vortex. Lanneret is a bomber with critical damage and speed reduction, while Vortex is a fighter plane with a multi-beam laser. A third unit, Whisperwind is a fighter plane that creates jamming zones and absorbs damage.

A new resource, Caelium, awaits you in Warpath: Ace Shooter 9.0. Level up the Air Force Augmentation system with Caelium. The best news is that even after the campaign, you can turn up to 50 unused Caelium into Universal Rush bonuses.

Operation Hegemon, the new game mode, lets Alliance leaders appoint captains for 30-member teams. So, you can now battle opponents in a 30 vs. 30 brawl on the Hegemon map which has all kinds of unique buildings. Earn the most capture points to win the battle and enjoy heaps of goodies.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the Warpath: Ace Shooter Christmas Miracle! Commanders are lighting up a display window with exclusive goodies for you, while the Alliance Quiz is ready to test your knowledge. If you haven’t played the game yet, now’s the time you should! Head to the Google Play Store and get the game.

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