Run From Pennywise (Or Be Him) In Death Park-Like Title Anime Girls: Clown Horror!

Run From Pennywise (Or Be Him) In Death Park-Like Title Anime Girls: Clown Horror!

D One Games, who are known for horror games like Scary Hospital Horror and Scary Tale: The Evil Witch, have just dropped another one. It’s called Anime Girls: Clown Horror. It feels a lot like Dead by Daylight but with clowns like Pennywise.

What Do You Do In Anime Girls: Clown Horror?

The game lets you choose between being a survivor or the killer. The killer is a creepy clown, and the survivors are anime girls. Sounds like a fresh twist to an age-old genre. The game pulls you in with its eerie graphics and sound effects, making every corner of the park feel alive with danger.

As the plotline, you get an amusement park that’s more of a maze than a funhouse. And that’s where all the horror happens. As a survivor, you and your friends need to complete missions scattered around the map while staying out of the clown’s sight. Use obstacles and hidey-holes to your advantage, because you don’t want the clown to catch you obviously.

On the flip side, if you’re the clown, your job is simple! Hunt down the anime girls before they can escape. The amusement park is your playground, filled with traps and secrets. Use your wits and stealth to make sure no one gets out alive.

Catch a glimpse of Anime Girls: Clown Horror below to see if it’s your cup of tea!

Love Horror Titles?

What makes Anime Girls: Clown Horror unique is how it blends anime charm with horror. As a survivor, you’ll be navigating through puzzles and trying to outsmart the clown. But if killing is your thing (pun intended), playing as the clown is a whole different kind of thrill. Interested? Then check out the game on the Google Play Store.

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