Realm Of The Mad God Fan? Born Again Might Give You Your Next Permadeath MMO Fix

Realm Of The Mad God Fan? Born Again Might Give You Your Next Permadeath MMO Fix

Ready to die? Well, you should be. MMORPG Born Again is set to drop onto Android this week, and we’re excited to get mauled by whatever pixelated monsters it has to offer very soon.

Born Again is a top-down pixel MMO, with a feudal Japan-inspired fantasy world to explore. It’s not a pleasant stroll through, the place is filled to the brim with a vast variety and frequency of enemies. As if that wasn’t enough, death is permanent.

That’s right, things are getting rogue-y. If you die, you are Born Again, and not in the Christian sense. You’ve got to start a new life.

Prepare To Die

A roguelike MMORPG might seem like a bit of a contradiction of terms at first look. MMORPGs are games where you spend hours upon hours building up your characters, getting new gear. Fine-tuning your strategy to peak efficiency. A roguelike is where you might optimize flawlessly then fall into a spike pit three minutes in and start all over again.

If you’ve ever played the PC and browser title Realm Of The Mad god, you might already realize that permadeath and MMOs can work together in perfect harmony.

The permadeath mechanic streamlines the process and means the games tend to balance to be less grindy to compensate.

We’re hoping that will be the case with Born Again, as it makes games easier to pick up and play a round. That while also giving the satisfaction of fighting and looting that comes with an MMORPG. The best of both worlds, you could say.

The Loot Sustains Me

And there’s no shortage of looting. A large range of items awaits, letting you shape how you play each run according to what you manage to pick up.

With terrifying bosses out there, it won’t be easy, but if it was easy, then victory wouldn’t taste anywhere near as sweet, would it?

Want to check out Born Again for yourself? You can pre-register now ahead of the launch on the 15th of December via Google Play.

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