Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG Is An Upcoming Dark Fantasy Adventure

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG Is An Upcoming Dark Fantasy Adventure

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG is prepping for its launch on July 17th. Want a head start? Pre-register now and score a free pack of goodies, including gold, XP, recruits, and summons, to jumpstart your monster-bashing adventure.

A Dark Threat Rises

The peaceful world of Terenos is about to be rudely interrupted. The Primorva, ancient creatures who embody hunger, have broken free from their exile and set their sights on conquering the land. The Primorva has become a severe threat, twisting free folk to their will and making falling Terenos into a waking nightmare.

However, it’s not all doom yet, as you’re here to save the day. As a heroic commander, you must assemble a renowned group of fighters to stop the Primorvan wave and bring peace back to the land.

Heroes, Strategies, and A Slosh Of Autoplay

You’ll recruit heroes from various classes, like the hard-hitting Assault, the sturdy Tank, and also the supportive healer. Each hero has unique abilities, and figuring out how they work together is half the fun. Experiment with combinations to discover powerful synergies and turn the tide of battle in your favour.

As you advance, you will level up your heroes, update their gear, and even raise them to different power levels. This creates a strategic buffet of opportunities where you may try several team configurations and find synergy between your heroes. The autoplay feature in Grimguard Tactics allows you to pause while your heroes relentlessly wipe foes into oblivion.

In tactical turn-based fights, you will face off against legendary enemies, explore dangerous dungeons full of riches and peril, and even find corrupted heroes who have given in to Primorvan’s influence. You will also help reconstruct humanity’s final stronghold. Resources obtained from conflicts can be used to rebuild the city and provide refuge for tired heroes.

You can pre-register for Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG on the Google Play Store. Also, before you go, check out the scoop on the Midnight Girl Mobile Release.


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