Gear Up For A New Monster Hunter Now Event This New Year!

Gear Up For A New Monster Hunter Now Event This New Year!

Get ready for an epic New Year! A new year Monster Hunter Now event is rolling out new quests for all you hunters, giving you the shot to snag some grade 3 weapons.  The event kicks off on December 23, so get the game if you haven’t already! Here it is on the Google Play Store.

Hunters Will Get Gifts

Between December 23 and January 8, there are fresh quests up for grabs in the upcoming Monster Hunter Now event. Complete them, and you’ll be swimming in 2024 Weapon Tickets, your ticket to forging grade 3 weapons. These quests come in six levels with missions like reaching a specific hunter rank or taking down a tough monster.

Besides the tickets, score Rookie Hunter Gifts until January 8, 2024. If you’re a newbie, you can grab 5 Potions and a cool 5,000 Zenny to kick off your monster-slaying adventure. Snag gatherable materials and rarity 2 monster materials.

It’s A Hunt-a-thon!

The spotlight of the Monster Hunter Now event is on some epic monsters! Pink Rathian is making a grand return, hanging out in Forest Habitats from December 23 to December 31. Black Diablos is back on the scene from January 1 to January 8. So, grab some epic weapons and armour, and hunt these beasts!

Zinogre is also out there for you to hunt from December 23 to January 8. This time with boosted appearance rates in Hunt-a-thon Points.  So, this might be your chance to gather resources for some seriously strong gear.

But here’s the catch. To catch these three monsters, you’ve to be a level HR 11 player. If you aren’t yet, don’t fret! You can reach HR11 in just a couple of hours. So, go ahead and hunt those monsters down!

Monster Hunter Now is an action-adventure where you hunt monsters along with fellow hunters. Released in September 2023, it’s the creation of Niantic and Capcom. If you’re thinking that the name rings a bell, Niantic is also known for Pokémon Go. Before you head out, check out our latest scoop on Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and Sanrio.


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