Archosaur Games Takes the Helm **of** Avatar: Reckoning

Archosaur Games Takes the Helm **of** Avatar: Reckoning

We’ve got some scoop on the fourth Avatar-based game, Avatar: Reckoning. Developed by Archosaur Games, the game is hitting the scene in 2024. Follow along to get the lowdown.

When Exactly Is It Coming?

Announced back in January 2022, Avatar: Reckoning is gearing up for a test run in January 2024 in China. Post which, the game will be go global officially in the first half of 2024. Back in early 2022, the game closed a beta test in Canada. The game also had its exclusive closed beta test for Android users in the Philippines in June this year.

Not The Same Publishers Anymore

Tencent’s subsidiary Level Infinite, the original publishers of Avatar: Reckoning have bowed out of the game. Archosaur Games will now take charge of both developing and publishing. Apart from Archosaur, Disney and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment are also backing up Avatar: Reckoning.

Archosaur Games is known for games like Dragon Raja and Noah’s Heart, both of which are MMORPGs. Fancy playing any of them out? Then, head to the Google Play Store and give it a try.

What’s Avatar: Reckoning?

It’s an RPG, where you can dive into Pandora and be a part of the mysterious Na’vi clan. You’ll be able to create and customize your own Avatar and upgrade with new skills and weapons. It’ll have both PvE and PvP gameplay. The storyline mostly focuses on the first Avatar movie, without much affiliation to the sequel.

Another Avatar-based game, Frontiers of Pandora is slated to be launched this December. Developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, it’s landing on PC, PS5 and Xbox.

Unfortunately, Avatar: Reckoning didn’t exactly gain super positive reviews from its testers. But hopefully, the final product will be something exciting and worth playing. Meanwhile, check out our latest scoop on Ouroboros King, a new chess roguelike game.


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